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Tailored SOLUTIONS to meet today’s business needs

With many years’ worth of combined experience, our team is able to assist companies in any industry or phase of development in the following areas:

  • Set up financial discipline and controls
  • Set up appropriate procedures and processes
  • Provide accurate, timely, high quality financial analysis and advice to decision-makers and to link the strategy of the company to its operating and capital budget.
  • Assist with the development of annual budgets
  • Business plan financial projections and forecasting
  • New business or product modeling and analysis
  • Business metric development (‘KPI’s)
  • Cash flow analysis, optimization and forecasting
  • Establishment and/or review of banking relationships
  • Loan and credit line negotiation
  • Develop tailored reporting framework or re-engineer financial processes to improve the timeliness and integrity of financial reporting.
  • Design management accounts, dashboard, and KPIs to support executive decisions.
  • Cost analysis and reorganization support
  • Expense reduction programs
  • Pricing modelling and cost-accounting design
  • Alternative scenario modeling and sensitivity analysis
  • Commercial due diligence and evaluation
  • Exit strategy development and support
  • Turnaround & restructuring
  • Preparing relevant fundraising documentation   
  • Deal structure and negotiations
  • Professional services referrals and network
  • Board representation
  • Process management
  • Project-based support

CFO Insights provide Fractional, CFO as a service, and Consulting CFO services. Our team can tailor hours and skills to best fit your financial needs, expanding and contracting along with your business cycle.

As your business grows and matures, the financial support can adjust, as well


Fractional CFO Services


Seed and Start-up companies

Young companies need to preserve precious cash while staying focused on growth. Forward-looking and action-oriented analysis are essential for a young operation to stay funded and further compete in and add value to the marketplace. The CFO services should cover the initial structuring of processes, pricing, budgeting and simplistic reporting. Your CFOs will work alongside the co-founders and adapt the scope and regularity of the service as the company grows.

Some of the customizable services we can offer you:

Seed stage
  • Preliminary forecasts
  • Pricing methodology
  • Simplistic reporting/Cash flows
  • Fundraising
Start-up stage
  • Business forecasts based on validated inputs
  • Pricing design and review
  • Preliminary KPIs
  • Basic Management reporting
  • Fundraising




Growth-stage, mid-sized and mature companies

Once a company has achieved a certain level of success, there are hiring decisions that must be addressed to sustain and continue scalability into the future. Due to the increasingly competitive and quickly changing business environment, the role of the CFO goes beyond finance. A CFO should also be an expert in market trends and have the ability to use customer-driven data to help identify new opportunities for the business, improve productivity and efficiency or ensure that the best financing option is chosen in case of capital and financing needs.

Some of the customizable services we can offer you:

Growth stage
  • Budget based on actual data
  • Pricing review and update
  • Industry KPIs
  • Management reporting integrated with accounting
  • Establishment of financial processes
  • Focus on cash flows
  • Fundraising
Expansion Stage
  • Budget based on actual data
  • Review and update financial process and internal controls
  • Regular management reporting, integrated with accounting
  • Strict cash and working capital planning
  • Review of pricing and update
  • Investment analysis of M&A and fundraising
Maturity stage
  • Budget based on actual data
  • Review and update financial process and internal controls
  • Regular management reporting, integrated with accounting
  • Strict cash and working capital planning
  • Review of pricing and updates
  • Investment analysis of M&A and fundraising
  • Corporate restructuring to eliminate internal processes inefficiencies
  • Analysis of exit options


Consulting CFO Services


Value added services

Buying a business, selling your own, fundraising or just battling cash crunch on a daily basis – each of those can present a complicated, time-consuming process that takes you away from your company’s day-to-day business. Our team has extensive experience in fundraising, evaluating companies for purchase, preparing companies for sale and conducting investment return analysis on projects. We prove guidance during every stage of the process

Some of the customized services we can offer you throughout the lifecycle:

  • Preparation of financial forecasts and budget, strategic discussion, contacts with investors, deal negotiations
  • M&A Assistance with analysis of potential acquisition, post-acquisition integration or oversight in preparation for a sale
Cash crunch
  • Immediate assistance with management of cash flows
Bankruptcy or banking relationships
  • Assistance with capital structure optimizations and debt renegotiation
One-off projects
  • Deep financial analysis of new project

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