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Who we are

CFO Insights is the first in Bulgaria provider of cloud-based CFO as a service, covering the gap for financial expertise for start-ups, growth companies, and medium enterprises. Our mission is to structure and manage the CFO function in your company, providing regular assistance with financial planning and management reporting, pricing, budgeting, and financial processes.

We deliver a full range of exceptional financial and strategic advisory service to enable clients to rethink, automate and scale their companies in the pursuit of business eminence. 

CFO Insights’ financial expertise in combination with its proprietary developed integrated platform provides interactive and comprehensive actionable financial insights anytime and anywhere to fuel better decisions.

We are more than your financial advisor, we strive to become your long-term financial partner, supporting you along the way to build a business that is well-governed, effectively operated and attractive to investment and funding.


Every member of our team is highly qualified and experienced financial expert with excellent track record.


Our company is an active member of the innovation community and investment environment in Bulgaria. We have formal partnerships with first-ranked organizations, businesses and institutions, offering complementary services and expertise.


We value client relationships. CFO Insights is assigned to your business and focused on serving your specific business needs.


We have built expertise within varied sectors, including Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail and Wholesale, Industrials, Hospitality, SaaS

Finance and strategy go hand in hand.
Make sure your strategic decisions rest on solid financial data and expertise.

Our Approach


We analyze where your business is right now considering where you want to be. Our team focuses on each element of your operations to ensure it is properly covered from financial perspective. We design an achievable financial plan, processes and customized reporting to make sure you are fully prepared to pursue your goals.


We don’t just give you the financial means towards sound growth plans and improved profitability - we work with you long-term, covering all financial functions in your company on a regular basis. Head your business towards success, while you rely on sound financial leadership along the way. 


Each business has its unique needs. We will tailor our service package and regularity depending on your lifecycle stage, growth strategy and industry. We will be there for you each step of the way through initial structuring of the business, financial performance improvements, fundraising efforts, M&A deals, battling cash crunch or debt renegotiation with the bank.

You can improve only what you can measure! A detailed understanding of the drivers of financial performance is the key to successful business outcomes.

Our Services


CFO as a service offers the full range of financial expertise on a monthly basis. This service is suitable for businesses in the growth stage, mature companies, medium and large enterprises. The service encompasses full analysis of the business to identify the specific requirements from a financial perspective and preparation of tailor-made service package covering Executive reporting and interpretation, Controlling, KPIs, Budgeting, Pricing, Profit analysis, and others.


Fractional CFO services cover a specific range (fraction) of financial functions in your business, tailored for each case. This service is appropriate for small businesses, requiring initial assistance with financial process structuring, pricing, reporting, and budgeting. CFO expertise is entailed on a mid-term basis to look through the company’s development every couple of months.


Consulting CFO services involve provision of financial expertise for fundraising projects, M&A, preparation for exit, analysis of one-off projects, cost optimizations, cash crunch challenge, service/product restructuring, and analysis. This service is provided on-demand and is suitable for companies from all stages of the lifecycle, seeking dependable financial expertise. 

Our expertise and services will grow with your company’s needs!
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Why choose CFO as a service?

Secure independent C-level financial insights
Build stable foundation for growth
Acquire actionable data for your business
Improve profitability
Increase efficiencies on all operational levels
Secure sustainable financial health long-term
Procure affordable service, expanding with your needs
Access remote/digital service

Who we are

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