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over $1.8 million to date

>250К claims processed, €827K annual turnover CARGR 63%

CFO Insights was commissioned by ClaimCompass to structure and manage the CFO function in the company, amid a serious downturn in the industry. As a result of thorough analysis, the CFO team compiled and implemented an action plan, leading to the following improvements:

  1. Secured solid management reporting integrated with accounting to provide regular actionable financial data based on officially reported numbers
  2. Secured the company from a cash perspective with a data-driven financial plan for crisis management in 3 scenarios – optimistic/ realistic/ pessimistic
  3. Designed pricing methodology to compare prices of services to actual cost with implication on operations
  4. Transformed the reporting from cash-based to accrual-based, 
  5. Lead the integration with accounting including a restructuring of the accounting process to match the industry specifics and the requirements of the management reporting.
  6. Implemented a more advanced financial monitoring system to measure company performance and track results and deviations from budget.